French Nuclear Submarine Base Overview

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About 85% of France's Nuclear Weapons are on Submarines. Now the world is wondering if the French Nuclear Submarine Base will be soon called into action. Jacques Chirac mentioned earlier this week that it will not tolerate nuclear weapons in the region, and if need be, they will open up their French Nuclear Submarine Base and engage on any terrorist attacks against the country. This is in opposition and abandons the standard French Foreign Policy they usually abide by.

The French President Jacques Chirac mentioned in his speech after visiting the French Nuclear Submarine Base that influencing countries to desist is the best guaranteed they have for National Security at this time. Jacques Chirac mentioned that France has the ability and the means to inflict a horrific amount of damage to any major power and are not afraid to do so should they feel overly threatened. He also stated that France has the capability to respond to threats on any level.

Later in the speech that any leaders who carry out acts of terrorism against France risks what he calls a firm and appropriate response for his country. He mentions these responses could be in the form of regular conventional war weapons like Tanks, Aircraft and Long Range Missiles, but if necessary, nuclear weapons could easily be employed into the picture. When Jacques Chirac made these threats he didn't focus his speech on any particular country, it was more of a worldwide broad threat that could potentially effect any country who became hostile with France.

Right now Europe and the US are currently at a gridlock with Iran because of it's Nuclear Weapon Arsenal. This is over a decade after the tail end of the Cold War. Right now France spends over 3.5 Billion Per Year on it's Nuclear Weapons. We think in the future it's going to be more and more of a challenge to keep Nuclear Weapons away from the smaller countries. Some people think this will blow up the planet inevitably. There are lots of checks and balances issued by the US Government but this we think will only slow it down. I don't think we'll be in a Nuclear War anytime in the near future, but I'm not sure about 50 years or so where we'll be. If every angry small country leader can harness this technology in the future, we could have problems.

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French Nuclear Submarine Base Overview

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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