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The job description of nuclear engineer includes someone who works with atomic particles. In this field, employees work on different projects such as building high powered nuclear weapons to developing new techniques in nuclear medicine with the goal of diagnosing diseases. The job role will result in many long hours spent in a laboratory but will also include working closely with a team and problem solving

The education requirements for this profession includes a Bachelor's degree in Science or Engineering, or a Master's Degree or doctoral degree in nuclear engineering or another brand of engineering. The average salary is $84,880 per year.

Nuclear engineers are required across a large range of engineering businesses including large multi national companies and smaller engineering companies. Many positions are working with the government handling defence industry systems and nuclear waste. There are also positions within the medical industry studying the effects radiation has on the human body. The commercial nuclear industry is currently experiencing a revolution as many of the older facilities are being phased out and replaced with the new deign and construction of new plants.

This industry throughout the world require engineers who offer their services to the public to be licensed. Engineers who work on projects that are restricted due to national security must possess a security clearance.

There is a small number of nuclear engineers graduating each year, so there should be good opportunities available. This is a small occupation, therefore, job growth will generate few openings. Most job openings will likely be a result from the need to replace engineers who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts little or no growth in this field through 2012. Because of public concerns over nuclear power costs and safety, not many new nuclear plants have been constructed in the U.S. for many years but those existing are just being re developed and updated. However, nuclear engineers will be needed to fill positions in existing plants, and they will be needed for the research of new nuclear medicine tehnology which is forever changing and to improve and enforce safety standards and waste management.

The chemical engineering qualification is available from a wide range of universities around the world, both traditional and online. The standard admission requirements are high school courses in chemistry, physics, calculus, algebra, English and technology. High marks are a standard requirement, as the competition for this program is very intense as a qualified Nuclear Engineer is likely to earn a good wage.

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Nuclear Engineering

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