Nuclear Proliferation And The World

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The latest hot topic of debate in world affairs for the last one month has been "Iran and Its Nuclear Energy Program" . There are all kind of debates going on the effect of Nuclear Proliferation and its effects in World Peace. let me introduce my fellow readers to what exactly Nuclear Proliferation means:

Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons production technology and knowledge to nations that do not already have such capabilities. It has been opposed by many nations with and without nuclear weapons, who fear that more countries with nuclear weapons may increase the possibility of nuclear warfare, de-stabilize international or regional relations, or infringe upon the national sovereignty of individual nation-states.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been the primary international anti-proliferation organization since it was established in 1957 by the United Nations. It operates a safeguards system as specified under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1968. It has involved cooperation in developing nuclear energy while ensuring that civil uranium, plutonium, and associated plants are used only for peaceful purposes and do not contribute in any way to proliferation or nuclear weapons programs.

Those countries which have signed the NPT has been in deep trouble in the recent past. Simple because like very UN laws this also is used by the powerful countries against them. If you take the Iran case in particular there is no concrete evidence which shows Iran has a Weapon Program. But it seems every other country in the UN is more or less convinced that they have one. The point I want to throw some light here is "What makes a Nuclear weapon so attractive for most of country". The main reason why many country is trying to become a nuclear power is "The protection it gives". If Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon, then the truth is that the entire latest Iraq war would have never happened. No world leader is crazy now to attack a country which possess Nuclear Weapon and sacrifice so much of his forces along with his political career. If there was a chance of this happening, this world would have ended during the cold war days. During Cold War it was actually the Nuclear Weapons which kept the peace in the world. In todays world with terrorism threat looming around the world, this is the main cause put forward by Nuclear powers to prevent other countries from acquiring Nuclear weapons. or in other words "Osama Bin Laden and company helps these nuclear powers to keep their control over other countries".

Nuclear Weapons are giving nations a sense of protection, which the UN security council failed to provide. The recent Iraq War demonstrated how in effective is the UN Security Council. Us and its allies attacked Iraq without a UN mandate, not even a finger was raised. Whereas in 1990 when Iraq attacked so much actions were rightly taken. So it emphasizes the point that the UN security council is used to control and target the Third world countries or in other words make them fall in line. Every nation in the country has the right to go Nuclear and protect itself from the wrath of the superpowers. The underlining principle of the Nuclear strategy should be "Either Every country possess it or no one possess it". Like Denzel washington's character in crimpson Tide said "In the nuclear world War is the enemy". So only solution is get rid off all nuclear weapons. There is no point of talking about reducing the weapon numbers. And for those who claims that Osama Bin Laden will get hold off a nuclear bomb." What difference it makes whether it is fired by terrorist or by any country". So get rid of it.

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Nuclear Proliferation And The World

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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